Family days

As parents we make time together round the table a priority in our family - one of those things you grow up with, and want to pass onto your kids I guess. And I love these times.

Great food shared

with precious people

It’s where the tiredness of the today, and the challenges of tomorrow, shift into perspective next to the sticky little faces in front of me. Complicated conundrums of ‘adulting’ are put to one side for a while and replaced with the simplicity of great food shared with precious people, and the pure pleasures (and annoyances!) of the undignified scene.
Tiny hands clasped carefully round a glass of milk, little bottoms lifted on piles of cushions and feet swinging back and forth under the table. Our jokes are still considered hilarious and those giggles of uncontained excitement always erupt as the cake is served, all manners innocently forgotten as sheer enthusiasm takes over.
Soon those little hands will grow bigger and I expect the conversation will change, the feet will reach the floor and my jokes will become “so lame”. But my fondest hope is that that little face, now wide-eyed with wonder, will become warm with comfortable friendship borne from a lifetime of moments like these shared together. These precious times are worth making room for, because when all’s said and done, everything else we do is for these simple, joyful moments together.

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