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We are bursting with pride to supply cakes and baked treats to some of the best cafes, tea houses and restaurants in the UK. We love collaborating with other businesses to create a treat menu guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest tooth and supply beautiful remarkable bakes that get customers talking and coming back for more.

Our wholesale range

Our wholesale range combines the chunky, real, handmade quality of homemade cakes with ease and convenience of being able to have them delivered whenever you need them.  So as your business grows, your cake offering can grow easily with it, offering your customers more and more choice.  We currently offer over 60 flavours across our Square Cakes, Traybakes and Brownios, with more being added all the time.
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Some of our favourites

Not-your-traditional carrot cake
Gluten Free Icon
Chocolate Oreo square cake
Rose, Almond & Pistachio square cake
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Zesty lemon square cake

Zesty lemon square cakes

Chocolate Oreo square cakes

Rocky road revelation traybake

Chewy granola bar traybake

Apple & Cinnamon square cakes

A craft approach to every single bake

Nurturing our own Coffee House & Cakery has crafted our approach and ethos for wholesale - we know first-hand how important suppliers, service and products are! ​We understand a cake or traybake is a treat for the customer, so we do all we can to ensure our bakes:

​​1. Get your customers talking
Bakes that you just have to tell your friends about​

2. Are Instagram friendly
Look great, ready for that social media snap​

3. Have looks that don’t deceive
Taste as good as they look ​

4. Bring people back for more
Repeat orders, sales and visits!

Our responsibility

The fabulous team at our Bakehouse use traditional techniques to craft modern flavours and original designs at scale - so whether you're a small independent or a multiple, your offering really stands out from the normal when partnering with us!

As a supplier to your business we have a responsibility to make sure you are happy, so that your customers are happy too. Here are 5 shameless, quick-to-read reasons why stocking Cake Stories bakes is a great idea:

​​1. We make the best looking and best tasting cakes & bakes, updated regularly with new flavours and designs

2. Our vegan and gluten-free ranges taste so good everyone loves them whether they’re into that kind of thing or not.

3. Our bakes have a shelf-life of up to 2 weeks - meaning less waste and less risk for you

4. All our bakes can be frozen with no loss of quality or flavour - making it easy to stock up and use what you need at the pace that works for you.

5. Get a personal service bespoke to your needs from a local craft cakery.

Ordering & delivery

We deliver cakes and bakes nationwide.
Order online before 11:30am and receive your bakes next day, Tue-Fri.

• UK-wide wholesale service
• Easy online ordering
• Next-day delivery
• Low minimum order
• Personalised service tailored towards small coffee shops & multiples
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Sustainable Packaging

Better for the planet

We’re always looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment, which includes finding ways to make our cake deliveries as sustainable as possible.​

Not only is all of our packaging 100% recyclable or biodegradable, we also use Woolcool to package our bakes - a sustainable packaging made from 100% felted sheep’s wool. The insulated, eco-friendly box liner is reusable, biodegradable and compostable, significantly reducing the impact of waste to landfill.

Cake care tips



  1. Most traybakes can be stored at room temperature.
  2. Most cakes should be stored in the fridge in airtight containers so they stay fresh for longer.
  3. If you do store bakes in their boxes, be sure to wrap them in clingfilm or similar to help prolong their life.
  4. During hot weather, we recommend storing all bakes in the fridge.


  1. All of our bakes can be frozen with no loss of flavour or quality if stored in an airtight container.
  2. You should freeze bakes on the day you receive them if possible, and deduct one day’s shelf-life when you defrost them.


  1. To ensure the best shelf life, display bakes at room temperature or a bit cooler.
  2. Refrigerated units will dry them out, so display them in a glass cabinet or under a dome away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

  1. If you follow our advice, all bakes should still taste great after 7 days, with some lasting even longer. If in doubt, give it a taste test… it’s a perk of the job.
  2. The exception is ‘Not-Your-Traditional Carrot Cake’, with a shelf life of around 5 days.
Since choosing Cake Stories as our wholesale supplier, we’ve seen cake sales increase by 100%! Customers just love how unique the bakes are.

The Crossing Coffee Bar

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We were looking for cakes that really stand out from the crowd, so we knew Cake Stories was for us!

Triple Two Coffee Group

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Do you have allergen information?

All allergen information is available at point of purchase and on the box when delivered.

How should I store my cakes?

When you receive them, either transfer them to a fridge or freezer (best to store in an airtight container - we can help with some recommendations here if needed) or fully defrost and start serving! See our Cake Care Tips section for more suggestions.

What is the shelf life of your bakes?

If stored correctly (see ‘How should I store my cakes?’), most of our bakes have a shelf life of up to 7 days. However, this is conservative and many can last beyond that. The bakes can be frozen with no loss of flavour or quality, which is handy for holding stock and just taking out when you need as demand requires.

How many bakes are in a batch?

We sell our bakes in full batches of either 25 or 30 pieces depending on the variety. The bakes are pre-cut before dispatch to make it as easy as possible for you to display and sell!

We also have a new range recently released in a range of gorgeous new flavours! These come in slightly smaller batch sizes of 18 pieces.

When do I need to order by for next-day delivery?

The cut-off time for next-day delivery is 11:30am. Orders placed before this time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will usually be delivered on Tuesday.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver Tuesday to Friday every week. We use DHL to deliver our cakes as they are reliable and provide great tracking information so you know when to expect them!

Do you deliver to our part of the country?

We deliver across the whole of the mainland UK. We don’t currently deliver to Northern Ireland or Scottish isles.

What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order quantity! With 5 bakes or more, shipping is free. With 3 or 4 bakes, shipping is £15. With 1 or 2 bakes, shipping is £20.

How do I order?

The order process is very simple. Once you have an account set up, you can choose your bakes, place your order and pay via our wholesale website. You can select which day you would like your order to be delivered during the checkout process.

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